Are all the services/server configurable and manageable via guis ?Can I have dhcp running when setting up the server system?Can I setup Karoshi with all the services I need on one box?
Can we use Windows 98?ClientClients
DevelopmentDo I have to use your set of IP ranges?Do the workstations have to have Linux on them or is it ok for them to be on Microsoft Windows?
EmailFileHow do I access the web management?
How do I install Karoshi?How do I install Karoshi on VMware?How do I join the domain?
How do I set-up the ICT Technician login for the web management?How easy is it to upgrade from one version to another?How you would change the keyboard layout on the client pc's, I've read that you need to login as profileuser but then what ?
I cannot do NAT how do I get onto the Internet?I use a Mac - can I connect to Karoshi?I wish to modify the script that sets up the user groups in order to change them to suit my use of Karoshi. Which files contains this information?
Information you will need.InstallationInternet
Is Karoshi totally free?Karoshi Linux WikiMisc.
Preparing to installPrinterSome of my drives are not showing up in Microsoft Windows, how do I solve this problem?
SystemTCP/IP and Naming ConventionsTestimonials
Useful InformationUserWeb
What Linux distro is this built of?What features does Karoshi provide?What is Karoshi?
What is the default domain information?What server functions does Karoshi provide?What usernames can I have?
Whats the average development cycle for new releases and bug fixes?Where do I place the input file for bulk user creation?Who has access to the shares?
Why choose Karoshi?Wikia disclaimers
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